Friday, 22 May 2009

Movie community message art crossover

Benny's bar at Austin's Gallery

Bethnal Green Road, nr Brick Lane

getting drunk in a gallery - perfect.

Effective if understood

On brick lane

Great valentine's day cake escape

Rich mix arts centre wallpaper

made by Timorous Beasties

Winged fat on Cambridge Heath Road

Spring, Bethnal Green Park

Parks, enjoyment not included

Victoria park sunset

Spring clean, St Johns

9 comes after 32


G20 protests

The quieter end of the protests, City of London

Bethnal Green tube WW2 disaster memorial

On March 3rd, 1943 173 people were killed in a crush while attempting to take shelter in the underground station during a bombing raid alert. The crush at Bethnal Green is the largest loss of civilian life in the UK in World War II and the largest loss of life in a single incident on the London Underground network. More about the disaster here.

Every year personal tributes and wreaths are hung on the railings by the stairs where the crush took place.

Recession @ bricklane

coffee@157 is still going though

Glamour cycle